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Have you ever been faced by these questions:

  • What makes a good new product?

  • Whether to sell directly or indirectly?

  • How do you avoid channel disputes?

  • What is a good sales commission package?

  • How to avoid optimistic sales forecasts?

  • How do you create good brand names?

  • How to measure marketing?

  • How to make a success of acquisitions?


For technology company managers, practical answers to these and many other questions are contained in this book. BEWARE THE ZOMBIES (subtitled "How to Manage a High Tech Business") teaches you how to be successful in the jungle of business life, and avoid becoming one of the walking dead.


The author is Roger Lawson who had many years experience of managing software companies. He has been involved in start-ups as well as working for quoted technology businesses, and much of the content of this book has been developed from his own exposure to many business problems.


Details: ISBN No: 978-0-9545396-1-0, 246 Pages.


Chapter headings are:


  • Starting Up: Avoiding the Pitfalls

  • Staffing: Hiring, Firing and Motivating People

  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Failure Guaranteed?

  • Good Sales Management: A Business Foundation

  • Marketing Management: Conveying Benefits

  • Product & Service Pricing: Maximizing Revenue

  • R & D: Building and Supporting Your Products

  • Financial Management: Steering the Ship

  • How to be a Good Manager: Paranoia and Risk

  • How to Sell a Business: Maximizing the Value


The following are a few reviews of the book.


 "This is an engaging book which looks at a wide range of technical and commercial issues. I found this a succinct and informative book, the author's use of personal experience adding significantly to the level of interest....and it is good value for money" (Rating of 5 stars for "Excellent")........Edward Smith MBCS, The Computer Bulletin.


 "This book is a great piece for entrepreneurs. Straight, addressing real issues and opportunities." ..... Hans Otterling, CEO StreamServe.


"An excellent book - full of useful, sensible, practical advice".... Lucius Cary, Manager, Oxford Technology VCT Funds.


"Lots of books tell you how to start a business and even more show how THEY did it, but this is the first book I've found that gently told me how I could create and start a business that was uniquely my own. After years of working for someone else, I'm now ready to jump out on my own. An inspiring reference book."....Andy Richardson (Financial Spread Betting)



To read a sample chapter, click here: Product & Service Pricing (PDF format).


The book contains 246 pages including index pages. The book is no longer available as it it out of print but contact us here if you need one: Contact us.

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