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Why Financial Numbers are Not Important When Picking Shares

This book argues that financial ratios are not the most important aspects to look at when selecting company shares for investment.


Heresy you may say, but it will convince you otherwise. The book explains what you should really be looking at if you are to avoid the dogs of the investment world and pick the winners instead. A book for all investors who wish to learn more about the art of investing.


Details: ISBN No: 978-0-9545396-2-7, 130 Pages.


Chapter headings are:


  • Why Accounts Don’t Matter

  • Business Models and Competitive Strategy

  • Market Position, Branding and Marketing

  • Controlling Risk

  • Company Culture, Structure and Pay

  • Company Regulation and Governance

  • Presentation of Accounts

  • Systems and Operations

  • Financial Analysis

  • Trusts and Funds

  • Key Lessons and Conclusions

  • Investor Checklist Summary


The author is Roger W. Lawson, M.B.A., M.B.C.S, who has over 20 years' experience in stock market investment, after a career of running businesses and acting as a management consultant in the IT sector. He has been a director of both ShareSoc and UKSA, two organisations which represent the interests of private shareholders and has a particular interest in shareholder rights, investor education and stock market regulation on which he has written extensively.


You can read a sample chapter from the book here: Sample-Chapter.


The cost of the book is £13.25 for the paperback edition or £9.95 for a digital edition.


To purchase a digital copy from Amazon (Kindle MOBI format),

or paperback copy please go here


Use the Contact page on this web site if you have any questions.

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