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Investment Articles and Other Information


Notes on Stock Market Investment and Consultation Submissions


The following notes have been published by Roliscon or submitted to various bodies as part of public consultations. They are listed in descending date order (latest first):


March 2024: Response to UK ISA Consultation: UK ISA Consultation


July 2023: Response to Interim Report from Digitisation Task Force: Digitisation Task Force


January 2023: Response to FCA Future Disclosure Framework Consultation: Disclosure-Framework


December 2022: Response to HM Treasury PRIIPs and UK Retail Disclosure Consultation: PRIIPs-Consultation-Response


January 2022: Response to FCA new Consumer Duty Consultation:



August 2021: Response to FCA Diversity and Inclusion Consultation: Diversity-Consultation-Response


July 2021: Response to FCA Primary Markets Effectiveness Review: Primary-Markets-Effectiveness-Review-Response


July 2021: Response to consultation on UK Prospectus Regime: Prospectus-Review-Roliscon-Response


August 2020: Response to Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) Review of Capital Gains Tax: Capital-Gains-Tax-Review


October 2019: Response to Law Commission consultation on Intermediated Securities (covers the problems of nominee accounts and dematerialisation): Intermediated-Securities-Consultation


August 2019: Suggestions for regulation of media in financial markets: Financial-Media-Regulation


May 2019: Response to BEIS Department’s Consultation on Corporate Transparency and Register Reform (activites of Companies House): Corporate-Transparency-and-Register Reform


April 2019: A response to the FCA’s Consultation on the Investment Platforms Market Study Remedies is in this document: Investment-Platforms-Market-Study-Remedies


December 2018: A response to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) review of the audit market: Audit-Market-Review-Response


December 2018: A response to the HMRC consultation on the taxation of trusts: Taxation-of-Trusts-Roliscon-Response


August 2018: This note was submitted in response to the FCA’s Review of the Platforms Market: Investment-Platforms-Market-Study


August 2018: This note was submitted as evidence to the Kingman Review of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC): FRC-Review-Submission


December 2017: The following was submitted as a response to the public consultation on changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code: Corporate-Governance-Code


September 2017: This note was published in September 2017 by Roger Lawson on his investment Philosophy: My-Investment-Philosophy


September 2017: The following was submitted as a response to the consultation on AIM Market Rules by the LSE: Response-AIM-Rules-Review

September 2017: This note was submitted in response to the Government’s consultation on Financing Growth in Innovative Firms (otherwise known as the Patient Capital Review): Financing-Growth




Roliscon publishes a blog containing topical news on investment and other subjects. It can be read here: Blog


Published Books


Roliscon has also published books entitled “Business Perspective Investing”,  “Beware the Zombies - How to Manage a High Tech Business” and “A Journal of the Coronavirus Year”. See this page for more information: Books


Art Gallery Site


Note that Roliscon previously owned the Panvertu Art Gallery site which has now been closed down. It contained some valuable information on the valuation of paintings and may be of interest to art lovers. A printout as a pdf document of the contents of the gallery web site taken before closure is present here: Panvertu

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